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Game Thread: Memphis Grizzlies at Philadelphia 76ers

Here's your game thread, so feel free to drop in and leave any in-game thoughts in the comments section. Also remember our friends at Liberty Ballers tonight for the 76ers story.

Storylines of the Game:

Twitter Step-Bros: Rudy Gay and Andre Iguodala weren't exactly early adopters of Twitter, but this summer they were two of the most entertaining. Watch the feeds, they're going to Charlie Villanueva all night.

Dear Louis: Louis Williams is better than Mike Conley, but why, and how? Could you drop by FedEx Forum and do some coaching on the side?

Slothish Mannerism: It's going to be a battle of who can run or power-walk down the court fastest between the no-longer-sprightly Elton Brand and the never-sprightly Zach Randolph. Also what's the over-under on Brand blocks on Zach's patented goofball spin-and-finger roll in the post? I'm guessing two.

Marco Polo: Marc Gasol needs to run wild in this game. Samuel Dalembert just isn't himself -- I don't know if he's done, but he needs a change of scenery -- and is going to struggle with the Grizzlies brick in the middle.