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He's No 6th Man, Says The Man

Future hall-of-famer Allen Iverson seems to already have issues with his role in Memphis after just one game back.

I understand this is what he went through in Detroit, but he needs to see the big picture. No, he most definitely is not a 6th man, even in the latter stages of his star studded career, but after a month of inactivity and no basketball, should he really expect to be plugged directly into the starting lineup? There's a few guys who can do that, the LeBrons, Wades and Bryants of the world, but he needs to understand that he should probably work his way back into it.

In numerous posts I have agreed with many that eventually he needs to be the starting guy in Memphis because of his experience, but for a team thats not looking for the playoffs this season, he should just sit back and let things get worked out before freaking out.