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When Opposites Aren't: Utah Jazz Destroy Grizzlies 120-93

Well I haven't decided if this one is even worth commenting upon.

The Grizzlies obviously lost, they lost every quarter in fact, and it was easily their worst performance of the year. The Utah Jazz shot a ridiculous 58% from the field; except that it wasn't that ridiculous because they rarely saw a single hand in their face.

I would say Carlos Boozer lit up Zach Randolph if I hadn't seen what Ronnie Brewer, yes, solid-but-limited Ronnie Brewer, did to O.J. Mayo. Both were perfect from the field in the 1st quarter and scorer over 20 points each on some incredibly efficient shooting.

Deron Williams paced the Utah Jazz, passing up good looks around Jamaal Tinsley to get his teammates even better looks around whatever shred of a Grizzlies defender was supposed to be covering them.

Rockness Monster: None. Nobody deserves an MVP. Maybe Rudy Gay, since he was responsible enough to attend a friend or family member's funeral rather than showing up to this excuse for a game.

U-Turn: Marc Gasol got shut down by double-teams and just not having it tonight. It was a rare absolutely terrible game from him.

Bitter Limon: You name it, I bet I can say something derogatory about it. This loss couldn't have been uglier.

Sleeping With the Enemy: If I had 8000 words to talk about everything the Utah Jazz did right in this one, then I could do it justice. Sadly I don't have that kind of time -- check out SLC Dunk for their recap, I'm sure it will be a little more cheerful than this one.