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Game Thread 11/4: Grizzlies vs Warriors - Last Team To Score 150 is a loser!

This game has me very excited. Why is that you ask? Well Memphis has let a 40-point scorer emerge from the previous 2 teams they have played, and while I have Monta Ellis on my fantasy squad, I fully expect him to becoming the 3rd. I could use a big night from the guy.

That is of course unless Memphis has actually taken the time to sure up some of their defensive issues in the span of 2 days. Nevertheless, enough of my fantasy dreams, and onto the preview of tonight's game.

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So here come the Grizzlies into Oakland tonight, poised and hopefully ready to avenge the loss to the Kings the other night. After allowing 48 points to Kevin Martin, 42 to Carmelo Anthony, and the bench getting torn apart like it's their job, it's time to check and see if this team is able to adjust.

The return of Allen Iverson was a quiet one, yet the man is already complaining about his role on the team. I agree with him that he should be a starter. He is far too talented and still has enough left to be a dynamic force, but I also believe that for a team with no clear playoff hopes, he should bide his time and get used to basketball a bit after a long layoff.

  • Defense: One of the original run-n-gun teams, the Warriors, score about as much or more points than anybody in the league. Memphis has given up 160 points in the last 2 games. Put these 2 together, and it could be pretty bad. Then again, Memphis has proved it can score with some good teams as well, and if they can find a way to ratchet up the 'D', at least at crucial moments down the stretch, it could pull out a victory.
  • Marc Gasol should continue to b a dominant force, especially in this game against a weak Warriors front-line. The Bigs is a position where I actually see a large advantage for this game, and if they can capitalize on it, it should allow Zach Randolph and Gasol to go big. Ronnie Turiaf vs Randolph may be the most entertaining match-up of all time, if it happens.

There have been some great individual performances already from Grizzlies players, but it's hard to discount them when the team ends up losing the game. The big things in basketball are simply, and these players are doing them rather effectively so far: Put the ball in the basket, rebound the ball, make free throws, etc. Once this team is able to grow a bit and learn how to take care of the small stuff, then a few more W's might show up on the scorecard.

Here are my 3 tips to winning tonight's game against Golden State:

1. Contain Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. Small, quick guards have torn up the Grizzies this year. Whether it be a lack of effort or just poor defenders, who knows. Forcing these guys to shoot jump shots all night will certainly improve our chances of winning.

2. Get A.I in the game. Let's face it, the guy is actually a pretty good defender, and although he can be a ball-hog and likes to express his frustrations, you need a guy like him in there to win these types of games. And to go along with this, the bench needs to step it up NOW. Getting outplayed like they did against Sacramento is sad.

3. Don't be afraid to slow down! Everyone loves to run and shoot, but don't be scared to try to slow the pace down to make Golden State play YOUR game. Good teams don't just get lucky, they make their opponents play THEIR games. Once Memphis finds an identity, they can begin to do these things.

With all that said, good night and good luck to the Memphis Grizzlies.