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Overlooking the Abyss: Grizzlies lose to Warriors 113-105

The Grizzlies lose again to another below average team. This is, more so then any other sign, probably a sign that without any changes -- in terms of personnel or minute distribution -- this year's Grizzlies are a below average team.

Don "Col. Kurtz" Nelson used his consistently inconsistent minute distribution just like every other game, with the only difference being that it usually doesn't work. Against the Grizzlies, it still worked. Monta Ellis tore up the Grizzlies, Anthony Morrow continued to prove that his shot is a deal from the devil, and Anthony Randolph barely even played. Quite frankly I'm disgusted by that more than anything else.

More over the jump, and be sure to check Golden State Of Mind for more. Plus I'm back, bitches. 

The Warriors blew out the Grizzlies in the middle quarters, mostly due to some uninspired play by Mike Conley, who just got absolutely torched by Monta Ellis. Stephen Curry also did his thing, netting a few points but dropping dimes and snagging steals like he knows his role.

In a game that really seemed to make the Grizzlies look like beautiful losers, the major problem became clear. The Grizzlies just don't have enough defensive talent on the court. Sorry, DeMarre Carroll -- the heart might be your strongest muscle, but it sure doesn't help you when you look weak in the post and slow on the perimeter. 

If these Grizzlies are going to improve, they need to forge a defensive identity, and I'm not convinced that this roster has the mettle to make that happen.

Rockness Monster: Rudy Gay torched a mix of Warriors defenders to the tune of 29 points, even despite missing three free throws. Gay's isolation offense looks scary good when he chooses to use it.

U-Turn: Allen Iverson has his really coming out party, getting 28 minutes and getting his 18 points with it. Iverson even outdished Conley in roughly the same amount of playing time. He has earned a chance at starting.

Bitter Lemon: Mike Conley and O.J. Mayo both looked uncomfortable under the Warriors pressure. It's know that Don Nelson loves steals as much as he loves destroying his own player's psyches, and the young guards were uncomfortable.

Sleeping With the Enemy: Don Nelson played Mikki Moore over Anthony Randolph. What? Also this team needs to get rid of Corey Maggette. They are a squad of guerrilla snipers, and Maggette is the big guy with the minigun that doesn't really seem to aim -- even when he's effective, it seems like dumb luck that hurts his teammates. Oh, and Warriors organization, thanks for murdering the spirit of C.J. Watson. I officially hate this team right now.