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Dragon's Breath: Grizzlies Lose to Clippers 113-110

Told you the Clippers would go over 100. Hell, the Grizzlies would probably give the Bobcats 100 at this point. Anyhow, in this one the interior defense was obviously exposed, with Chris Kaman and, uh, Craig Smith going nuts all over the Grizzlies.

Not that it's all bad news. Again the Grizzlies looked exceptional offensively, shooting 46% from the field with lots of points despite a relatively off night from Zach Randolph and O.J. Mayo. Some even played well defensively, especially O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay. Those two held their opponents to low efficiency while firing up lots of shots, which is always good news. Also the Grizzlies bigs did well on the boards, despite their lackluster defensive effort.

Check out Clips Nation for another version of the recap, or hop over the jump for a little extra coverage.

Rockness Monster- Rudy Gay not only dropped 33 points at a high efficiency, but also held Rasual Butler to subpar numbers on the other end of the floor. I called that Rudy would dominate, but I couldn't have expected this good of a game from him, especially in terms of jumpshooting.

U-Turn- Without Allen Iverson around to distract him, Mike Conley turned in a positively mediocre performance. Sadly this is a major step forward for Conley, who has been generally terrible so far this season. I expected Baron Davis to bowl Conley over, but the little man played solid defense and distributed the ball where it needed to be.

Bitter Lemon- Allen Iverson's leaving the team is a sad moment no matter how you perceive the acquisition of the former All-Star. I was looking forward to seeing A.I. suiting up in a Grizzlies uniform, but I think there is definitely a chance that he's gone home for the last time. Chad Ford agrees that A.I. might just be retiring.

Sleeping With the Enemy- Chris Kaman went nuts. When he's healthy, this dude is the real deal. With this year's crop of centers, Kaman is easily All-Star material. His range might not be great, but his post moves are incredible from a technical standpoint. Color me impressed. As for the rest of the Clippers, it wasn't their best performance, but they looked like a low seed playoff team. This is a squad that is one trade -- for a small forward, Rasual Butler and Al Thornton don't cut it -- from becoming well above average.