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Some Take, Some Give: Grizzlies beat by Thunder, 102-94

Kevin Durant proved why he is the future superstar, while Rudy Gay is struggling to get a contract for the price of a second banana. While Durant exploded on Rudy for 32 points and 10 rebounds, Rudy looked out of place and confused on the way to a night of shooting 25% from the field.

This one appeared to be a first-half blowout, not unlike the Cavaliers game, but the Grizzlies killed it in the 3rd quarter with Zach Randolph getting after it on the boards and solid defense causing even the best Thunder players to turn into habitual shot-missers.

But in the 4th the Grizzlies fell back to playing pretty poorly on offense and terribly on defense, giving up 36 points to the Thunder. Oklahoma City scored 10 straight capped by a three-point dagger from Russell Westbrook that essentially closed out the game.

The positive points were Mike Conley putting up 20 points, 8 assists, and 3 steals and Zach Randolph snagging 20 boards and scoring 19, albeit awfully inefficiently. The rest of the Grizzlies barely made any noise, doing just enough to keep the team in it by shooting an abysmal 41% from the field and 58% from the line as a team.

Stop by Welcome to Loud City to give props, hit up the comment threads to speak your mind, and lets all send Grizzlies a get better soon card -- the next three games, at Miami, back home against Boston, and then on the road against Atlanta, aren't going to get any easier than this one.