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Preview & GameThread: Boston Celtics at Memphis Grizzlies

Sorry for not getting any analysis of the huge win over the Miami Heat up; I'm only one man and it's a busy week.

So in case you missed it, here's the summary. The Grizzlies let Dwayne Wade run wild, scoring 25 points while barely playing in the 4th, by matching him up in man coverage. But when Dwayne sees single coverage, he doesn't get fouled, which kept Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol in the game to rock the boards.

Oh, and Rudy Gay took advantage of some easy matchups, scoring a dominant, career best 41 points. That was obviously a positive, and seeing Thabeet dominate against the other scrubs was encouraging also.

So the Grizzlies blew the Heat out 93-67, then held a 4th quarter exhibition game to tally a final score of 118-90.

You know you want to get over the jump for some Celtics hate and a nice little preview of tonight's tilt. Also be sure to hit up the comments section.

Tonight, to be honest, isn't going to be quite so simple. Miami likes to think they're a solid team, but even with Quentin Richardson and Jermaine O'Neal stepping one foot out of the grave, they're just not that good.

The Boston Celtics, represented by the always excellent CelticsBlog, are the definition of a solid team.

They have excellent role players who could still start on many teams in Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniel. They bring the sound and the fury on defense, they're extremely efficient executing on offense, they're coached well, they will bring it every night -- even if they occasionally look a little old.

If this team has a weakness, besides their future, it's that in some games they'll rely on Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce to carry them. On those nights anyone can at least get them in a down and dirty dogfight, and it seems like anyone could win. Unfortunately if there is one thing the Celtics truly excel at, it's closing the game to get a win even on the off-nights.

And tonight might be an off-night for the Grizzlies also. It's their first back-to-back in awhile, they probably traveled from Miami back to Memphis in the late night, and the Celtics are particularly adept at getting into the heads of young teams. Imagine just how far Mike Conley's confidence is going to plummet after Garnett's first flagrant against the tiny, young point draws no call.

So don't expect another blowout tonight Grizzlies fans, this one's either going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight or a bitter loss to take at home -- in fact, it could be both.