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Some Should: Grizzlies Barely Beat Timberwolves

The Memphis Grizzlies might not have righted their two game losing streak in fantastic fashion, but they pulled out of the slump in the middle of a long road trip. That's got to be worth something for these young guys.

Rudy Gay returned from his trip home to Baltimore to play well in long minutes, scoring 20 relatively efficient points and grabbing a few boards and assists on the night as well.

The Grizzlies won largely because of a huge 3rd quarter run sparked during a rather short stint by the bench, which now seems to consist of just Young, Tinsley, Thabeet, and Carroll, that the starters carried on. Otherwise the Grizzlies were outplayed slightly in each quarter.

Late in the 4th, O.J. Mayo missed two crunch-time shots, both somewhat questionable selections, but he played the hero by recovering an offensive rebound on his own second miss. Ramon Sessions then missed free throws to send the game into overtime as the Grizz sealed the less-than-stellar victory.

Get over to the boys at Canis Hoopus and stop back for more updates as I get a chance to watch the rest of the game; I only caught the last couple minutes.