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GameThread: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies

No preview for this one, partly because no introductions are necessary.

Everybody knows the Warriors are going to try to run and gun the Grizzlies out of the gym tonight. The Grizz will have a tough time keeping up with the W's constant barrage of 3's, seeing as how there is and never was a Von Wafer to save them. Expect a box similar to the Celtics game last week.

Only I don't see the W's coming away with a win because of their shooting the way the Celts did. The Warriors are even more terrible on one end of the floor than they are deadly on the other, and the Grizzlies might not give up a defensive rebound in this one.

Hit the comments to give some love for all the Marko Jaric and Von Wafer funny-name-tracking I've been doing to keep everyone up to speed today.