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News to Us: Von Wafer Injured, Trade Rumors

Ronald Tillery of the Commercial Appeal finally broke some news today, revealing some details on the intrigue surrounding Von Wafer. At his physical with team doctors, Von Wafer was found to have multiple injuries, which led to the Grizzlies rejecting the dangerous shooter.

Doctors noticed that Wafer had back and hip injuries that they believed to be severe enough to keep him from playing for the Grizz. Interestingly enough the Rockets hoped to re-sign Von Wafer, planning on replacing Chase Budinger while he's out with an ankle sprain for the next 2-3 weeks, since the Grizzlies passed.

According to Inside Hoops, the Rockets also identified these injuries but don't seem to believe they are severe enough to keep Von Wafer off the court over the long-term because their press releases announced that they will reevaluate Wafer in the near future. 

More news and thoughts over the jump, as well as updates on the Marko Jaric situation and a new trade rumor straight from GM Chris Wallace.

Maybe the Grizzlies are just, rightfully, skittish about adding an injured free agent after the out-of-shape Allen Iverson debacle. But I find it hard to believe that Memphis's doctors saw something serious enough to stop the Grizzlies from signing, arguably, the best free agent available. Especially since the injures would have definitely knocked Wafer's price tag to the minimum.

Or maybe the injuries weren't that severe or long term at all, and Chris Wallace really declined to sign Von Wafer for this reason:

The Griz backed off because of Wafer's pre-existing conditions and their interest in a sudden trade proposal, according to team sources.

How intriguing. And then there is this bit of news as well:

Griz general manager Chris Wallace had a couple of items on his managerial plate Tuesday as the team is close to finalizing a buyout agreement with swingman Marko Jaric.

A couple of items, as in a possible trade being one of the items? Hopefully a trade like this one:

The Grizzlies-Warriors contest might have been a home game for Monta Ellis on Tuesday night if trade talks had gotten serious last month. The Griz and Warriors engaged in mild discussions involving Ellis, an NBA source told The Commercial Appeal.

So who knows what this phantom trade offer might be, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the trade for Monta Ellis probably looked something like: Mike Conley, the Lakers 1st rounder (potentially the Grizzlies first, actually), and a fully bought out Marko Jaric for Monta Ellis.

Keep your ear to the ground and be sure to check us out over the next few days for any new word from Chris Wallace or The Commercial Appeal.