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Get Seasonal: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I mean, I hate to get like this on you, but I feel like I've got to do this. Big shout out to everyone who's been contributing in the comment sections and such, I really appreciate the feedback and conversation. Also big shout out to all the fans just stopping by, and big shout out to all the NBA fans who stop by to get a nice side of Grizzlies excitement, too.

I hope everybody's tree has some Grizzlies tickets under it, or maybe even in their stocking. As bad as things looked at the beginning of the season, these boys have come together and been real good to their fans.

The best gift of all this year for Grizzlies fans? This month the Grizzlies have had the 2nd best record in the entire Western Conference, behind only the Los Angeles Lakers. Let's just hope they keep that as a New Year's Resolution, too.

So happy holidays and merry Christmas to everybody. Look for me to get back to work on the 26th with some speculation on the Grizzlies trade scenarios, more of the 'Twenty Deep' series, and maybe some statistical analysis breaking the team down into specific 5-man unit strengths and weaknesses.

By the way, I just shook Dallas a little bit, sounded like the Grizz are have us a win under the tree.