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Rudy Gay is Front Page News put a lengthy feature on Rudy Gay on the front page today, accompanied by a few interviews with him from this summer and David Aldridge's Memphis Grizzlies preview.

According to the article by Matt Winkeljohn, Gay has put on significant weight this offseason:

"I just felt like I needed to fill out my body some more to bang a little bit more. And injury prevention.

"I'm stronger in the upper body. I'm not going to guard Shaq, and I don't want to be Dwight," he added. "LeBron and Melo and all the guys that I go against ... eventually, I want my name to be in that mix."

In order to elevate to one-name status in the NBA at small forward, getting bigger looks like a good idea as long as you keep your quicks along the way. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are 6-foot-8, like Gay, but they weigh 250 pounds and 230 respectively.

Additionally the article noted that Gay's routine has been largely facilitated by Grizzlies trainers, which is good to hear. Rudy said that he his focus while strength training has been on repition and his basketball training has been mostly focused on ball handling. That makes sense because apparently the extra weight and muscle is to help Gay get to the line without risking injury. The article also noted that Rudy will likely see some extra time at power forward this season, and that he has been practicing playing a point forward role a bit.

In his interview Rudy also confirmed that contract extension negotiations are occuring, and praised the city of Memphis as an excellent home for the past three years. In another interview Chris Wallace applauded Gay's excellent play in the Team USA mini-camp, and seemed to really want to bring Gay back to the Grizzlies.