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The Answer to No Answer? Grizzlies Backup Guard Situation

With Allen Iverson reporting that he is likely to sign somewhere (Miami or Charlotte seem most likely) in the near future, it's becoming obvious to the Grizzlies that they still a different guard to fill out the rotation and serve, most likely, as the team's scorer off the bench. Jason Williams, while not a scorer, may have been a good enough passer to get less experienced bench players like Sam Young and DeMarre Carroll a few good looks. But now Williams has signed with Orlando.

So who do the Grizzlies have left as options? The Memphis Commercial Appeal has the dirt:

The Griz have expressed interest in Ronald "Flip" Murray, Jamaal Tinsley and Tarence Kinsey, believing they could come to terms with one of those veteran players soon.

Shakedown on each of these players after the jump:

  • Ronald "Flip" Murray- Getting up there in age, Flip Murray is a 6'3" shooting guard who has a bit of a journeyman's resume. He was Division II Player of the Year in college, and started his career playing very little. In his third season, second in Seattle, Murray broke out averaging around 12 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists per game in about 24 minutes per game. Throughout his career he has filled similar roles, besides Cleveland where he started for one season, and has always been valuable for his aggressive scoring. His main flaw, however, is also his aggressive scoring. Murray has a reputation of dominating the ball and taking too many contested shots for his skill level. He has a career FG% around 42%. Still he has been useful in some situations, particularly when trying to fill Josh Childress's shoes in Atlanta last year
  • Jamaal Tinsley- What is there to be said about Tinsley that hasn't already been said about Zach Randolph? Extremely talented, often called a great guy, but always manages to end up on the wrong side of the law and be labeled a locker room cancer. Tinsley has the talented of a top-15 true point guard in the NBA, and always wracks up assists. Still his reputation is tarnished after being banned from Pacer's facilities last season. Like Jason Williams he would provide a spark not with his own scoring, but by facilitating for the youngsters. He might be too talented and too vocal to accept a role beneath Mike Conley, and also would probably like to sign with a playoff team to improve his image.
  • Tarence Kinsey- A former Grizzlies project, Kinsey played for the Cavaliers last season. In his rookie year Kinsey put up some gaudy numbers (almost 19 points per game, 5 rebounds, 4 assists) while starting in 12 games for the Grizzlies. Still Tarence went on to bounce from Europe to Cavaliers garbageman after his time with the Grizzlies ended. Tarence is 6'6" tall, which would add much needed size to our back court. He is considered a fantastic athlete and pure scorer, but is known to have very poor court awareness, especially on defense. Also Kinsey is still young at 25, and would likely continue to harness his athletic gifts and get more basketball sense.
By the way, full disclosure, I'm voting for Kinsey.