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Memphis Grizzlies Officially Sign Marcus Williams

As previously reported all over the web, and written on here, Memphis has been planning on signing Marcus Williams for about a week now. The deal was made official today, as reported by the Memphis Commercial Appeal (not online yet) and Williams will likely signed for the minimum salary, $855 thousand, for one year. When the news first broke, though still unofficially, I wrote this:

Not that I don't stand by signing Williams, because I do, but don't let anyone tell you that the kid looked fantastic in Summer League. He looked like he had skills but was typically somewhat selfish or overly flashy, which has pretty much always been the write-up.

Still for the price he is a good pickup. He'll push Conley and back him up effectively without getting in his head and stealing his minutes like Kyle Lowry, and under $1 million is an excellent price for a player with as much promise as Williams shows. In comparison a player like C.J. Watson looks like he might be getting over $2.3 million a year for multiple years. In fact if I have any problem with this deal, I would have liked to see a few extra years tacked on at this price or, optimally, a team option.

In the poll 77% of you agreed with the signing, and 47% wished it would be a longer term deal. 

The Grizzlies now have 12 players on their roster for the upcoming season. This year most teams are carrying 13 players, so it remains to be seen if the Grizzlies will target a veteran free agent to join their incredibly young, inexperienced bench.