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Grizzlies Acquire Denver's 1st Round Pick

So what is the biggest issue at hand? The way I see it, Heisley really needs to be concerned with beefing up the public relations department.

Well apparently Heisley did get the memo, because yesterday the Grizzlies traded a conditional 2nd round pick to the Denver Nuggets for Steven Hunter and a conditional first round pick in 2010. According to the Commercial Appeal, Denver's pick is protected if they get into the lottery for the next two years, then is protected up to the top 10 from 2012 to 2015, and finally becomes fully unprotected (meaning if Denver gets an early enough pick, the pick will be retained and traded in a later draft). This is not worrisome, since Denver is projected to be a top 10 team again this season.

The Grizzlies also acquired Steven Hunter, who might see some rotation minutes if Hadaddi doesn't play well. But make no mistake, this trade was for the pick. Denver essentially gave us their first round draft pick to take Hunter's contract off the books. Other teams cut costs too you know.

I don't see how this could be a bad trade for the Grizzlies. Hunter's contract expires this season, so it could become another trade chip, and the Grizzlies move up in the draft at the cost of around $4 million dollars this year. And, in famous Michael Heisley fashion, the Grizzlies also got an unannounced amount of cash considerations in the deal, so they might not be paying a dime.

Sorry for getting this good news out to you late, but this is definitely a fine trade for the Memphis Grizzlies