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It's Official: Video of Press Conference

Obviously everyone already knows that Allen Iverson is coming to the Memphis Grizzlies. Today it was made official with a press conference, huge Allen Iverson advertisement on the front of the Memphis Grizzlies official website, and the release of Allen Iverson's Grizzlies jersey.

Check out the Memphis Commercial Appeal's coverage of the event, which is quite excellent.

Over the jump is a video that documents some of the press conference, I found it much more revealing than the selections at, but check those out as well:

The event started with Iverson being presented a navy-blue Gibson guitar on behalf of the entire city of Memphis. After that Chris Wallace introduced Allen Iverson, then he fielded a few questions from the media. Almost all of his responses were met with great enthusiam and applause.


Iverson saying that it wasn't about starting or coming off the bench, but being a leader and a coach for the young guys, was extremely gratifying. He said that it will be like his rookie season again, acknowledging that he has a lot to learn about becoming this type of player. I've never known Iverson to do anything but speak his mind and the truth, so hearing Iverson say those things--especially in light of my comments yesterday--was more than enough.