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Iverson in Europe, Considered Staying

In an interview with Mauro Bevacqua for SLAM Online, Allen Iverson said that he strongly considered playing in Europe this season:

His Reebok tour started from Milan, where the new Grizzlie had his first taste of Europe, a place some thought he was destined to play. Not just to sightsee, but to play ball.

"Not yet, but I gave it a thought," said Iverson, when asked about how closely he considered Europe. "It would had been a whole new experience, and I know I'm very popular all over Europe. My wife actually liked the idea, and I was intrigued by the possibility to face a new challenge, to visit new countries and play in front of different fans."

The article is an excellent read; I highly recommend taking a look. It covers not only Iverson's overseas tour, but also a bit about his future with Memphis.

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