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Allen Iverson Confirms Deal

Allen Iverson, ten time NBA All-Star, former image of the post-Jordan NBA, and David Stern's bane, confirmed today that he will accept the Memphis Grizzlies offer.

No word on exact specifics for the contract, but it almost certainly includes a significant amount of provisional agreements, likely in the form of incentives for a mix of production and good behavior.

What is known is that the deal is only for one year, and that Iverson can only earn between $3.5 milion and $4.2 million, depending on said incentives and if the Grizzlies renounce the rights to Juan Carlos Navarro.


'Perhaps my favorite Allen Iverson photo. Ever.'

Followers of the site will recognize that I've flip-flopped on the decision to add Iverson this season. Originally I had roundly denounced the move, but now support the decision to add Iverson. Expect a significant write-up tonight--one similar in style to this--with a post of quantitative, statistical analysis--more like this one--coming later this week.