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Kind of Like the Snowplow: Grizzlies Burst to Beat Clippers 104-102

When the gigantic television screen hanging from the ceiling tells you to get the hell out of the building, you get the hell out of the building.

When you come back after the alarm to beat the opposition 25 to 12 in the final quarter, well, that's just dirty.

Fans over at Clips Nation might end up slightly pissed about this one's outcome, but while Memphis is behind these Grizzlies more than they have been in the past, I'm thinking that Chris Wallace probably wasn't calling in a favor from the Fire Department.


Hit'em with a freeze-pop.

The Grizzlies beat the Clippers behind some even scoring and finally solid defense in the fourth, though the fact that most of L.A.'s active roster got into foul trouble probably had more to do with the run than the water pipe burst that set off the evacuation.

O.J. Mayo nailed a three-pointer, then a few possessions later hit a streaking Rudy Gay who finessed a ball-fake and pounded the dunk through the hoop for the tie. Two trips later Zach Randolph hit a very clutch fadeaway jumper to put the Grizzlies ahead with about 10 seconds on the clock.

Baron Davis took it into the lane and 4 Grizzlies bit to defend the layup. As he kicked the ball out to Rasual Butler for the final shot, Rudy landed and got back up to challenge Butler's attempted game-winner. The shot clanked off the back of the rim, bouncing high, but there wouldn't be a tip-in savior tonight.

It's almost impossible to describe just how poorly the Grizzlies played in the first half tonight, but Baron Davis tried to let his stats do the talking. By halftime Boom Dizzle had something like 17-9-9 and was a mortal lock for his triple-double. DeAndre Jordan was dunking it all over Marc Gasol's head. The athletic, young big finished with a career-high 23 points with Chris Kaman injured and Marcus Camby leaving at halftime.


Pick B-Diddy! Or that guy with the glasses for old people who are scared of sunlight.

That missing depth on the front killed the Grizzlies, as Hollins had Rudy damn the torpedoes and take it to the rack consistently to begin the third quarter. The fouls started piling up, and the Clips were forced to play the likes of Brian Skinner and Ricky Davis for much longer than they'd like to.

But just as the Clippers seemed poised to twist the dagger, the alarms sounded and the announcers asked, "Does this mean us" when the jumbotron asked everyone to exit the Forum. Yes, it does mean you, and the players too. The Clippers were sent out to their bus to cool off.

And when the came back the script was immediately flipped. O.J. Mayo played stellar defense against Baron Davis, though he'd struggled against the much tougher Eric Gordon, which is only more proof of his overall potential at the point guard position. The Grizzlies started moving the ball, especially into the post, and most importantly the Clippers started turning it over or settling for bad three-point attempts.

The rest is history. While there wasn't much defense being played, Marc, Z-Bo, and Rudy all posted over 20 points, and the guards chipped in with 15 for OJAM and 13 for Mike Conley. There's not much else to cull from the boxscore, because Chris Herrington said it best:

After evacuation - Clippers 4/18, Grizz 11/23. Player of Game: Busted Pipe