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Where There's Blood, There's Free Tickets

Or, perhaps more accurately, where there's water in the Forum, there's free tickets. Here's the Grizzlies official statement:

"During the third quarter of tonight's Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers game there was water line break in the fire sprinkler system at FedExForum in a non-public area that triggered our alarm system."  

"Everyone, including players, coaches, staff and fans were immediately evacuated safely per FedExForum Public Safety Policy. At approximately 8:53 p.m. CT everyone was instructed to evacuate FedExForum, and by 9:10 p.m. CT all parties were allowed to e-enter the building.

"We are committed to providing our fans a world-class championship experience each night at FedExForum. With this in mind, we are inviting all fans who came to tonight's game to exchange their ticket for select locations based on availability for this Friday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the FedExForum Box Office."

So if you got to high ground and survived the flood, be sure to hit up the box office to get a free ticket to Friday night's game. If you've already got a ticket to see the Wolves, then get the ticket anyhow and give it to a friend. Free is free, you got to fill the Forum.

Also, attention to all scalpers, your tickets are now worth somewhere between $1 and $7. Sorry.