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Pure Fear: Grizzlies Shoot Lights Out, Beat Timberwolves 135-110

The Memphis Grizzlies defense certainly wasn't stunning tonight, but it didn't have to be, because the Grizzlies starters shot nearly 70% from the field in this crushing victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Had there been any fans in the stands, Memphis's crowd was embarrassing even without considering the fact that tickets were given away free, they would have seen the Grizzlies best offensive game of the season. Playing short minutes since no starter entered the fourth quarter, 3 starters hit 20 points, and both Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph double-doubled.

More impressive, though, were the assist numbers. Zach had 5, Rudy Gay had 5, Marc had 3, O.J. Mayo had 7, and Mike Conley actually notched a respectable 8 dimes. Against this terrible Timberwolves defense the Grizzlies moved the ball easily and hit their shots even easier.

Because this one was such a blowout, the Coach Lionel Hollins got to give his bench some run, including newcomer Lester Hudson. The bench, as we all know, has been both sort of an enigma and a huge point of concern, as they're rarely seen because they rarely play capable minutes.

Tonight they got some serious run in the fourth quarter, and did manage to preserve the Grizzlies 25 point lead. Of course it's not like they were playing against top-tier competition, since one would assume the Timberwolves demoralized starters and bench are probably far worse than their regulars, who gave up over 100 points in three quarters to the rest of the Grizz.

So tomorrow look for a very, very detailed breakdown of the bench's play, especially Huddy, who appears to have already filled the role of 6th man for the struggling Sam Young.

Also tomorrow get ready for the big-game, the Grizzlies the San Antonio Spurs, who had been red hot prior to getting killed by the even hotter Charlotte Bobcats and Stephen Jackson tonight. The Grizzlies better hope they can blowout the Spurs too, because, as good as he's been, nobody is trusting Zach Randolph against Tim Duncan in the final minutes.