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Rudy Gay Not In Dunk Contest

The NBA has dropped the roster for the dunk contest and, for the first time in 2 years, Rudy Gay isn't getting an invite.

Maybe he did get invited and couldn't accept, but this year it will be Nate Robinson defending his title, Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown, and either DeMar DeRozan or Eric Gordon are going to be showing off their styles.

Sad news for Grizzlies fans, but probably inevitable since he had to drop out of last year's contest with, if I recall, a hip pointer.

Sad news for fans of the Slam Dunk contest too, because Rudy is probably one of the best suited players out there for the competition. He's got it all: hops, personality, style. Our boy has the full package, especially for a contest that's seems to be shaping up to be removed from the theater of past contests since I don't see Wallace pulling a Dwight Howard and dressing up as Predator for a dunk.