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Hear My Plee: Zach Randolph Named All-Star

David Stern I hope you can forgive us. We Memphis fans don't really know how to act. This is our first year of success after years of wandering in the desert -- maybe look the other way if we jump at our food before everyone has been served.

Today the Memphis Commercial Appeal cheated a bit, releasing that Zach Randolph has been named an All-Star reserve *SPOILER ALERT*:

Zach Randolph will be named an All-Star reserve for the Western Conference, according to sources with knowledge of the voting.League coaches were required to turn in their votes for reserves Tuesday afternoon. They could not vote for their own players.

Randolph, a nine-year veteran, will make his first All-Star appearance during the Feb. 14 game in Dallas. He entered Wednesday night's game at Detroit as the only Western Conference player averaging at least 20 points and 10 rebounds.

The announcement was supposed to take place during TNT's broadcast tonight. It still probably will, but remember that you heard it here first.

There's no point in speculating over snubs, Z-Bo could easily be voted into one of the two utility slots, which wouldn't preclude either Chris Kaman or Pau Gasol, who are fighting over that spot so hard that Los Angeles fans probably are scared it's going to turn into gang violence (Clippers would win that fight, by the way).

Fans of Straight Outta Vancouver might remember our little effort to put Zach in the game, at least over Carlos Boozer, in the post "Stars Collide: Vote for Rudy Gay and All-Star Musings."

But one more point, who would you rather see goofing around than Zach Randolph? Robin Lopez if it involved his mop-head, maybe, but pretty much nobody but Shaq has more fat-n'-fun factor than Zach Randolph. Crossover three-pointers while Kobe Bryant's shaking his head wide-open in the corner? Yes please.