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It's Bigger Than: Grizzlies Destroy Suns 128-103

This win was bigger than blowing out a team that has been considered top flight all season. It's bigger than beating a team that pummeled the Grizzlies in their last outing, absolutely abusing the poorly executed defense. And it's certainly bigger than getting to .500.

Well, maybe it's not much bigger than getting to .500, which I doubt anybody expected -- myself included -- when the Grizzlies hit 1-8 to start the season.

And it's hard not to see that Memphis is skipping the baby steps and straight up running for legitimacy with their play lately. The Grizzlies that are supposed to be 3 ball hogs and a kid who can't pass (jury is still out on if Mike Conley is a winning point guard or not, by the way) have been dropping serious dimes, trusting their young bench more, and playing defense that has looked remarkably borderline acceptable.

Big nights tonight for Hasheem Thabeet, who cracked the 10 point barrier, and Sam Young who scored like it was Vegas, dropping 22 points and running the Suns subs into the ground in the 2nd quarter.

More tomorrow, but for now get excited, these Grizzlies might be going big time.