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Too Short: Nate Robinson Rumored to Veto Trade to Grizzlies

According to's "Knicks Fix" section, the Memphis Grizzlies and the New York Knicks agreed to trade reserve guard Marcus Williams and a draft pick for disgruntled super-sub Nate Robinson.

The only problem was that Nate Robinson didn't agree to the trade.

Of course this is isn't necessarily a perfect truth, it is, after all, being reported by one of New York's relatively smaller media outlets and didn't even make it out of the blog section. Get over the jump for the rapid react and be sure to get your word in the comments.

But it certainly makes a lot of sense. It's no secret that the Knicks are looking for cheap filler, shopping Nate Robinson, and would love every draft pick they can grab. And anyone who watches the Grizzlies know they have a huge hole in the bench, need three-point shooting, and aren't afraid to play under-sized guards.

Marcus Williams has proved somewhat effective this season, though his game still looks extremely questionable, but has barely played for the Grizzlies since they signed veteran and, somehow, stabilizing force Jamaal Tinsley. And the Grizzlies have plenty of draft picks to throw around, with three first-rounders this season (their own, the Nuggets, and the Lakers).

This move certainly would have made the Grizzlies even more dangerous on offense, although it certainly could have exacerbated any sort of "who shoots" questions since Nate Robinson is a highly talented but largely one-dimensional player. And it wouldn't have helped the defensive problems either, Nasty Nate isn't exactly known for giving lock-down effort.

Still it's good to hear that Michael Heisley is truly open to improving this team even if the price is a little steep, adding Nate would have cost the Grizzlies a little more than $3 million this year for around 20 minutes a game. Too bad Robinson wasn't quite as open to moving South.