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Gamethread: Season Opener with Atlanta

It's the moment we've all been waiting over the long summer. Xavier Henry finally showed up, Rudy Gay's still here, and hopefully Hasheem Thabeet is vastly improved with Marc Gasol nursing an ankle injury.

The Hawks will show up to play tonight, since they'll be trying to hold onto that 3rd seed in the East. Normally the Grizz match up alright against ATL, but without Marc Gasol this game might be a tough one.

Look for Zach Randolph to press against Josh Smith, who's a great defender but also has a tendency to get beat by clever post players. Rudy Gay should also have a shot at going off big, since the Hawks barely have a small forward and could very well go with Joe Johnson at the position.

And if Mike Bibby sees lots of time on the court, this is Mike Conley's game to prove he still belongs with a Grizz team that's looking to start a playoff year.