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Gamethread: Minnesota Timberwolves

Big win last night and the best news is that Marc Gasol appears to be back for good. No word yet on whether or not Zach Randolph will be back tonight. He traveled to Dallas but obviously didn't play -- the CA doesn't have an update for tonight.

Even with Z-Bo out the T-Wolves should still be a win for the Grizz. The Wolves are a young team, so they don't play particularly well on the road, and Memphis simply has more talent. Kevin Love and Michael Beasely are developing into great players, but the Wolves are still week on the wings and at center.

Yes, Minnesota did beat Milwaukee, but they also shot under 40% on the game. That tells me we're not exactly talking about a well-oiled machine.

If Randolph doesn't play again look for Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo to take lots of shots, and for a decent chunk of the offense to run through Marc again.