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Preseason Gamethread: Indiana Pacers

This is it Grizz fans. The season starts tonight.

Well, sort of.

Tonight's the first preseason game, which doesn't mean much besides getting to see what Xavier Henry and Tony Allen can bring to Memphis.

Expect a high-scoring affair here: Indiana and Memphis are two of the faster paced teams in the league, and the Pacers have nobody to match up with Zach Randolph inside after trading away Troy Murphy.

Darren Collison will be equally threatening to the Grizz, since it's not likely that Mike Conley has reinvented himself as a lockdown defender this offseason. In fact, with their stacked wings, the Pacers might terrorize the Grizz's weak perimeter defense.

Still I suspect with the Grizzlies superior frontcourt depth and focus at home, albeit in front of just a preseason crowd, this one should get us off to a 1-0 start.