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Gamethread: at Los Angeles Lakers

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Big win against the Mavericks without Z-Bo, but I'm nervous about the Lakers at home without him.

Realistically this one is probably a lost cause either way. Yes, the Grizzlies matched up well against the Lakers last season, but the Lake Show have blown out their last two opponents (Phoenix and Golden State). Add that to the fact that neither team has played in a few nights and I like the championship pedigree.

Obviously Kobe Bryant is the name here, but Lamar Odom has arguably been the reason L.A. has been so dominant early. He's averaging 16-14 right now, shooting over 60%, and seems to constantly make the big plays that spark a Lakers run. Pau Gasol is in line for a big game against the Grizz's soft interior, too, especially since he'll want to show up little bro at home.

Still it will be a great sign if the Grizzlies play them tight with their frontcourt injured, Marc Gasol isn't 100 percent and Zach Randolph certainly won't be if he plays at all. Like the past couple, Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo are going to be called on early and often to get it done.

The X factor will be Mike Conley. If he has a giant game on the heels of his extension, then we have a shot. If he gets shut down by Steve Blake and Derek Fisher, well, there'll be a lot of complaining in Memphis tonight.