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Grizzlies 116, Warriors 111: Memphis Fends Off Golden State To Earn Third Straight Win

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If only the Grizzlies could get their full team to show up, they would be so, so good. The wings dominated this game for Memphis, while the bigs had an off night and were completely manhandled by Andris Biedrins, which, obviously, was a bit shocking to see. Still, good to get yet another win. This one on national television with the great Hubie Brown calling the game. That was a treat.

Warriors Recap: Golden State Of Mind

The Grizzlies are now on a three game winning streak, which started with that impressive victory over the Miami Heat and now includes wins over the Pistons and Warriors. Detroit and Golden State may not be the best teams in the league but when you're a mediocre team, or at least a club with a mediocre record, winning these kinds of games is the most important step to take to get over the hump. The Grizzlies will have a chance to extend their streak to four straight wins tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers before they have to match-up against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.

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Other game notes:

  • As I mentioned, Rudy and O.J. controlled this game for the Grizzlies, as they needed to against a smaller Warriors backcourt. Rudy didn't contribute very much in the rebounding department but he did have 25 points on nine-of-17 shooting. Mayo provided those who belief making him the sixth man for this team was the right move with some fodder by scoring 23 points on eight-of-14 shooting. He did exactly what Coach Hollins wanted him to do as a reserve guard: he scored in bunches and was an actual threat for the Grizzlies when the starters needed a breather. Its not a slap in the face for O.J. to be benched and after this performance most should see that there is actual basketball value to be gained with Mayo coming off the pine. 
  • As well as Gay and Mayo played, the posts were disappointing. Scoring wasn't a problem, as Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol scored 26 points on efficient 11-of-17 shooting. But defensively and on the glass? Just horrible. Randolph and Gasol combined to pull down just 11 rebounds, which is the same number as Randolph averages per game by himself. On the other hand, Warriors center Andris Biedrins had an unbelievable 21 rebounds, seven of which were offensive, while scoring 28 points on ridiculous 13-of-15 shooting.This performance was on par with Kevin Love's 30-30 game as far as dominating games for big men go. 
  • To make matters worse, Jeff Adrien, a rookie out of Pittsburgh who looked bad in Summer League play and barely made an NBA roster, had the best game of his career. Adrien scored 12 points on six-of-11 shooting in 31 minutes off the bench while grabbing eight rebounds. Adrien also fouled out of the game, so he may have done even more damage if he had gotten more burn. Needless to say, 40 points and 29 rebounds from Andris Biedrins and Jeff Adrien compared to 26 points and 11 rebounds for Gasol and Randolph is unacceptable.
  • Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis also went off, but there's only so much you can do against those two. Even when they are defended well, they can score the ball relatively effortlessly. Ellis had 23 on eight-of-18 shooting while Curry poured in 26 on eight-of-13 shooting with four three's.
  • Warriors free agent acquisition Dorell Wright didn't have his best game of the season last night, missing nine of his 11 shots, but he did pile up a game high eight assists while pulling down six rebounds.
  • SOV favorite Darrell Arthur had six points, six rebounds and four blocked shots in 21 minutes for Memphis. These are the kind of games that we need to remember down the road if Zach ends up leaving. Arthur is a capable player in this league and though he was also a victim of Andris Biedrins' wrath tonight, he had some very nice stretches. 
  • Greivis Vasquez hit two of his three three-point attempts tonight. Vasquez is not a 40% three-point shooter at this point in his career, but he can have nights where he goes off. He can effect a game in so many ways (including defensively, unfortunately its mostly all negative on that end for my favorite General Greivis) and when he gets hot from outside that just adds another element to his game.

Memphis plays against tonight against the Cavs. Lets hope they can get another win before they have to go up against the defending champs.