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Gamethread: at Phoenix Suns

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The Grizz got a night of rest before this game, but this West Coast roadtrip isn't going to let up. While the Phoenix Suns are just 1-3 with their new-look, Amare Stoudemire-less lineup, this team will be dangerous as long as Steve Nash is pushing the tempo.

It's not clear yet if Zach Randolph will play or not, which means Rudy Gay is going to be expected to put up huge points again. That shouldn't be a huge problem if Hedo Turkoglu is on him, but Grant Hill is still a cagey defender.

Fans will get to see Hakim Warrick in action again. He's playing a role similar to his later year with the Grizzlies, averaging about 25 minutes and 12.5 points per game off Phoenix's bench.

Speaking of benches, Memphis's is yet to step up this year. Tony Allen has put in some decent minutes, but hardly looks like a revelation. Xavier Henry is still playing poorly, and Sam Young is due for a big game but is still dribbling with his head down and shooting every time he touches the ball.

Overall it'd be great to get a win, but I think this will be a dogfight. Since both teams are contenders for the 8th seed, a big win might tell us a lot about the rest of the season.