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Grizzlies Disappoint in Rookie-Sophomore Game

Just like last year, Marc Gasol and O.J. Mayo were featured in the Rookie Challenge.

And just like every year, one or two players were definitively featured in the game. Sadly, Memphis Grizzlies were not the players doing the shooting.

I don't think that anyone could have expected Marc Gasol to excel in this one, after all the Rookie Challenge is probably more streetball then any other game during the season.

But O.J. Mayo tried to get involved and be "that guy" for the sophomores. The only problem was that he couldn't hit anything, bricking all 5 of his attempted threes. He did, however, spread the rock to teammate Gasol early and often, being pretty much the only reason Marc had the chance to shoot just 6 times. O.J.'s kindness earned him 10 assists and a bunch of chances to watch Michael Beasley clank it.

Instead of letting pretty much anyone else see the ball Russell Westbrook scored 40 and Michael Beasley looked stupid shooting 25 bad shots at under 50% (which is not so hot in the 'no defense' game).

While the Sophomores tried to work out their serious shot distribution problems, the Rookies had three players with over 22 points and notched a rare win against the more experienced team.

In other news, Hasheem Thabeet was chilling on a beach somewhere while Tyreke Evans was busy winning the MVP award.