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Memphis, Spain: Grizzlies Trading for Sergio Rodriguez?


The Memphis Commercial Appeal has this to say:

The Grizzlies continued to consider multiple trade scenarios Tuesday although there didn't appear to be strong interest in acquiring Sacramento Kings point guard Sergio Rodriguez as a report suggested.

While The Sacramento Bee said that a deal wasn't imminent it reported that teams have discussed a possible deal.


The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Sergio Rodriguez could be headed to the Memphis Grizzlies:

I'm told they are considering sending point guard Sergio Rodriguez to Memphis. Rodriguez, who is making $1.8 million in this the final season of his contract, would back up Mike Conley. Because the Griz are under the salary cap, they could simply take Sergio on while the Kings would save the remaining money from this season. 

Serge-Rod is widely respected around the league as having 'solid-backup' type ability, mostly because he was drafted by the Trailblazers, who are widely respected for hitting on every single draft pick they make.

He'd likely play a decent number of minutes a night (20 or so) behind Conley and would murder Jamaal Tinsley and Marcus Williams playing time. Rodriguez is on a $1.8 million expiring contract, which means that if the experiment fails the Grizzlies don't have much to lose.

Personally I've never been a fan, Sergio is kind of an annoying name, and the kid has never lived up to half of his theoretical potential, which was described by the fantastic Draft Express as Steve Nash in the best case and Rafer Alston in the worst case.

So far Rodriguez isn't even up to his worst case; he still hasn't learned how to shoot or defend at the NBA-level, though his passing is top-notch.

Anyway, last time I checked we already have Jamaal Tinsley on our roster, so I'll take a pass unless it's just a straight-up swap for Marcus Williams.