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Rumors: Roger Mason Targeted; Mike Conley Expendable?

TrueHoop is reporting that the Grizzlies are shopping Mike Conley around the Association. It's well known how well I like Conley, but this time it's not fake or speculation:

Two sources have told that the Grizzlies have let teams know Mike Conley can be had in exchange for cap relief and a good first-round pick.

The Grizzlies have had an on-again, off-again relationship with Conley since his rookie season. And with Jamaal Tinsley in place, and O.J. Mayo capable of swinging to the point, it sounds like they're ready to cut bait if the right deal comes along.

Who knows who might be interested in Conley at that price, but one would assume the Grizz are trolling for a veteran point or shooting guard with an expiring contract.

One possibility is the Bullswho have asked John Salmons to stay home because he's being traded. Conley could be a sixth-man for the Bulls, filling the role Janero Pargo failed to make his own in the first half.

Also Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Grizzlies are potentially close to acquiring Roger Mason from the Spurs. Mason was lights out last year, but hasn't been himself so far in this one:

Yes, sources say, the Grizzlies do have an interest with Mason and have the cap space to absorb much of his $3.7 million salary. But a league source says Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace still needs the OK from owner Michael Heisley to take on the contract.

Mason could be 'the missing piece' as a defender, team-player, and shooter with a top-notch pedigree. The Grizzlies need to pull the trigger on this deal, which I'm assuming would be either Jamaal Tinsley or Marcus Williams for Mason.