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Troubled Grizzlies Trade Deadline News


Utah Jazz beat writer tweeting that Ronnie Brewer has likely been traded, and that the destination is likely Memphis. No definitive word yet, but it sounds very credible given the legs this rumor has had for months.


It's not hard to believe that the front-office is busy and doesn't exactly have their act all the way together today, with the 2 p.m. trade deadline looming. From the looks of it, the Grizzlies still very much believe that improving their bench will give them a shot at the playoffs, and they're going to do everything in their power to make that happen.

Fortunately in the N-'Business'-A, whoever's got the cap space has got the candy.

The Grizzlies can trade uneven contracts, essentially meaning that they can freely absorb a contract from a team that's trying to save cash. In the past this has been so valuable that the Grizzlies don't give up picks for the extra guy, they receive picks for paying him.

Anyhow, get over the jump for the newest news on the trade deadline, as this post will be updated with rumors all day (when I'm not in class).

From Ron Tillery at the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

It is likely that the Grizzlies will pull off a trade at the 11th hour, according to sources with knowledge of the team's dealings.

There is, however, confusion within the organization and an element of desperation coming from owner Michael Heisley. The Griz are seriously considering four or five scenarios, according to the sources.

Sounds like the Grizzlies are most interested in moving a small asset and a first round pick for a swingman on the bench, as they have been all along. Supposedly neither the Ronnie Brewer or Dorell Wright trade is dead, they've simply been shelved till the deadline in case any of the teams needs those players for a larger deal.

And in Mike Conley trade news:

The Griz passed on at least one deal involving Conley. Portland approached Memphis about swapping Conley for Steve Blake. The Griz considered the deal because Blake is in the final year of a deal that pays $4.9 million.

In other words, Mike Conley is worth cap space around the League, but not a first round draft pick also. That tells me that he's probably not getting moved.

The scary thing here, however, is the line "an element of desperation coming from owner Michael Heisley." The last time I heard that our next big acquisitions were Hasheem Thabeet and Allen Iverson.