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Grizzlies Newest Victim of Kobe Bryant, Lose 99-98

Everybody thought the Memphis Grizzlies had won this game when they were up by 5 points with around 2 minutes left to play. They thought the Grizzlies had won it when Rudy Gay scored his17th point to put the Grizzles back up by 5 with around 40 seconds left. When O.J. Mayo got to the free throw line with around 20 seconds left, it certainly looked like he'd put this one out of reach, but he missed both shots.

As terrible as missing the free ones was, it certainly seemed like a win was meant to happen when Rudy Gay blocked a game-tying Kobe Bryant layup in the final seconds.

But it wasn't meant to be, Kobe Bryant got the ball back and rose to the occasion. What else could his game-winning 3 pointer have done besides drop?

The Grizzlies clawed their way back into this one after an abysmal first quarter, outplayed the Lakers for much of the game, but still lost even with O.J. leading the way with 25 points. That's how games against the defending champions work.