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Blowing Smoke: Zach Randolph Destroys Knicks 120-109

Zach Randolph was pretty happy on the New York Knicks, in fact, that team really used him well and he thrived in Mike D'Antoni's offense.

And just as he was starting to get comfortable, they traded him away.

Back in the Garden again, it was understandable that Zach would be pumped up. But he showed up playing harder then I think I've ever seen, posting a ridiculous 31 points and 25 rebounds.

Of course when you score 120 points, there's more than enough stats for everyone. Rudy Gay scored 27 with some 1-on-1 play that would have stunning for even LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. Mike Conley dropped 18 against the Knicks terrible interior defense. And Marc Gasol nearly triple-double'd, going off for 25 points, 13 boards, 8 assists and a ludicrous +22 in 39 minutes.

The Knicks didn't play bad, though. They were right in this game until about the two minutes mark, with Danilo Gallinari pocketing a 3 to tie the game at 107, when the Grizzlies flipped the script and actually blew out the other team late in the game.