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GameThread: Atlanta Hawks at Memphis Grizzlies


Is this a bigger game than the past couple games, or is it the biggest game yet?

Tonight the Grizzlies have the opportunity to beat another top-tier team, having already beat the Lakers, Cavaliers, Nuggets, and Mavericks. But they also have the opportunity to fall dreadfully close to .500 and even further outside of the playoff race.

Even more terrifying, they have the opportunity to lose three straight. I can't remember the last time this team has lost three straight. Was during the Iverson slide? Probably.

And going on a 1-6 slide into the All-Star break, where everybody but Zach Randolph will have plenty of time to stress about it, is not so different from starting off 1-8.

That's not a feeling I'd like to go back to with Straight Outta Vancouver's mid-term criticisms coming up.