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What Fight?: Grizzlies Hammer Boston Celtics

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Last time the Grizzlies played the Celtics, they pushed them hard but ended up losing in the 4th quarter. That game was before most people realized how improved this team was, so the game recaps were filled with Boston's players spouting off lines about how this team was so improved and had a bright future.

Welcome to that future. Last night the Grizzlies ran the Boston Celtics out of the gym, their own gym no less, winning by 20 and leading the entire game.

Rudy Gay, who led all scorers with 28 point and 8 boards, got to give the respectful complement this time:

"It wasn't about them. It was more about us," Gay said. "When you look at their lineup you have to respect them. They have three Hall of Famers."

If anybody should be complemented, though, it's Hasheem Thabeet. In his second game after returning from the D-League (he DNP-CD'd in the first), Thabeet was practically the Grizzlies 6th man. He saw 26 minutes of court time and, even though his counting stats weren't impressive, had a +25 for the game for a reason. 'Our Favorite Mistake' was playing solid defense and offense, using his length to change shots and tip boards.

Sam Young and Marcus Williams also added a spark, dropping 27 points to make up for Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol not really getting involved in the offense (combined 20 points).

This was just a fantastic win for the Grizzlies, there's not much to say but that you've got to respect the Celtic's lifetime achievement awards.