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Grizzlies Start Hot, Aaron Brooks Gets Hotter, Rockets Win 107-94

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If the Grizzlies got to pick one quarter to throw out at the end of every game, they'd probably be playing much, much better than they have been lately.

Tonight it was the 3rd, not an uncommon time for the Grizz to slump, when Memphis didn't convert a field goal for nearly half the quarter. It literally took until the 6:05 mark for Zach Randolph to flip in a bucket.

The Rocket's perimeter defense is obviously good with Shane Battier and Trevor Ariza, but tonight it was spectacular. Rudy Gay scored just 14 and Mike Conley only added 11 of his own. O.J. Mayo had one of the worst nights of his career, shut down for just 4 points on 1-6 shooting.

Aaron Brooks was the hero for the Rockets, not that they needed one, scoring 31 on just 14 shots from the field. He dropped in all 7 three-pointers that he shot and was just spectacular overall. Luis Scola also saw a lot of looks, scoring 20, and Kevin Martin also played well.

Overall an extremely tough loss to swallow. They're now 0-3 against Houston on the season, half a game behind them in the Western Conference, and look beat up and tired. The last time the playoffs looked this distant, we were 1-8 and talking about what to do with Allen Iverson.