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GameThread: Memphis Grizzlies at New Orleans Hornets

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Meant to represent ESPN cutting the NBA game tonight.

No NBA on the back end of ESPN's Wednesday double-header this week, but at least we've got this game to watch. The Grizzlies and Hornets have gone at it in two very entertaining games this season, even though the Grizzlies have lost in both of the thrillers.

The key matchup has to be between the frontcourts. Mike Conley has been playing better as of late, but Darren Collison has been a force. O.J. Mayo has really played poorly lately, which I think is a large reason why the Grizzlies haven't gotten many wins lately, but Marcus Thornton is a similar type of guard in terms of size and athleticism, which is normally a good matchup for Mayo.

Obviously the Grizzlies have the advantage down low on paper, but tonight they're going to have to make that count if they want any shot at evening up the season series.