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GameThread: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies

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Finally some action - I feel like I haven't had anything to write about or any Grizzlies to complain about for a month. Not that the Mavs are the team you want to see, but a game is a game at this point.

The Grizzlies are essentially playing for pride at this point, so let's see what happens. My guess:

The Grizz and the Mavs used to match up well. No longer. The Mavericks are too big for the Grizz; the only way Memphis has a shot is if Zach Randolph completely dominates Dirk Nowitzki. Given Dirks new affinity for 30-10-10, this seems somewhat unlikely.

Caron Butler at shooting guard, even if it's only for part of his time on the court, is just trouble for O.J. Mayo. Shawn Marion can easily frustrate Rudy Gay. Brendan Haywood is a top-tier defensive option against any center. Yes, life will be tough tonight.