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GameThread: Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls

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Is it just me or do the Grizzlies have a ton of back to backs this season? After beating an ice cold New Orleans team at home the Grizzlies are booking it to Chi-town for this game against the suddenly red hot (by the East's standards) Chicago Bulls.

Derrick Rose and the new and improved Mike Conley is obviously the key matchup here. I wouldn't be surprised to see O.J. Mayo guarding Rose at times, since Hinrich isn't much different size-wise and is an easier matchup for Mike, but when Conley's on D-Rose he has got to keep him out of the paint.

Taj Gibson and Brad Miller probably isn't the frontcourt to stop the Grizz, though, so even if Rose has his way with Conley, the Grizzlies still have a huge size advantage. Look for them to try to bang it inside even more than usual, especially since Vinny Del Negro isn't exactly a master of defensive scheming.