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Grizzlies Crushed by 76ers on Fan Appreciation Night 120-101; O.J. Mayo Injured, Day-to-Day

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be. The Philadelphia 76ers seemingly haven't won in weeks, and don't really match up well against the Grizzlies on paper.

And they especially don't shoot threes well -- though they made a franchise record 14 three pointers last night on route to destroying the Grizzlies 120-101 after a second half run.

Overall the Grizzlies just looked two steps too slow to counter Philly's three-guard, center-less lineups. Even though they tried to counter by playing less Hasheem Thabeet and more Darrell Arthur, it still wasn't enough. Effort was hardly the problem, the Grizz just didn't have the personnel to win with O.J. Mayo on the sidelines.

At the end of the first quarter Mayo appeared to sprain his ankle while shooting -- and banking in -- a buzzer-beating 3 pointer. Marcus Williams and Sam Young played extra minutes in his place, which seemed to allow the 76ers to pressure Rudy Gay a little extra.

Thabeet's effort didn't help either. His final stat line was 2 points (off 2-4 free throw shooting), 0 rebounds, 4 fouls, 1 turnover, and 1 block in almost 16 minutes. Arthur did not play great in his place either, with 12 points scored mostly jump-shooting and just 2 boards.

This was not the type of game fans expected after the nice win against San Antonio, and life is only going to get harder with the next two games at Oklahoma City and Denver.