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The Final GameThread: Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder

Folks, it's been an excellent season to spend with you, but this is it -- the season ends tonight for the Grizzlies.

Both the last two matchups have been absolute thrillers and some, including most of you I hope, would claim that the Grizz actually challenge the Thunder for the title of most promising young team. I guess that's why ESPN finally decided to give them both their due and broadcast this one nationally.

And while we can hardly expect the drama of the Grizz's 86-84 win earlier this year, especially with the Thunder slumping and having nothing to play for while the Grizzlies are without Marc Gasol, this game is a must watch for any basketball fan.

O.J. Mayo against Thabo Sefolosha's blanketing defense, Zach Randolph and Jeff Green stretching the floor, Mike Conley and Russell Westbrook just being fast. Most of all Rudy Gay matched up against his more skilled but comparable counterpart Kevin Durant.

Too bad that this last game isn't going to be what we might have hoped, a showdown for the 8th seed, but just like the rest of the season, it should be fantastic.