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Grizzlies Extra Picks 25th and 28th Overall in 2010 Draft

According to ESPN Boston, and the end of the regular season, the non-lottery teams draft positions have been fully determined. The Memphis Grizzlies's own selection is a lottery pick, projected 12th overall, but they also own the rights to the Los Angeles Lakers's first round pick and the Denver Nuggets first round pick.

Because of their late season struggles, the Lakers first selection will be the 28th pick in the draft. Six of the players projects in that range include: national champion Kyle Singler, Elliot Williams of Memphis, Willie Warren, Avery Bradley, Quincy Pondexter, and Devin Ebanks.

Memphis also has the Nuggets first selection from absorbing Steven Hunters's salary, which will be the 25th overall pick. Some players projected to be drafted in that range, in addition to the players above, are: Butler star Gordon Hayward, Stanley Robinson, Solomon Alabi, Paul George, and Eric Bledsoe.

Don't be surprised if the Grizzlies make a pre-draft trade that moves some of these selections, however. If the Grizzlies re-sign Rudy Gay and Ronnie Brewer, which seems somewhat likely, they will already have 12 productive players on the roster next season.

Signing one 1st round pick in the top 10, which would be a feasible trade target if the 2 late picks are included, would obviously save money and save minutes for DeMarre Carroll, Darrell Arthur, and Sam Young if their play improves next season. In this draft class it seems unlikely that any rookies in the 20-30 range would be better than these three in their second and third seasons.