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Dikembe Mutombo to Coach Hasheem Thabeet?

Hasheem Thabeet's biggest supporters drew comparisons between the young, raw center and Dikembe Mutombo during last year's draft.

Expect to hear those murmurs again, because last night Mutombo was sitting courtside scouting Thabeet's skills, likely to see if the rookie is a player he'd like to coach. The Grizzlies tried to secure Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Thabeet's coach earlier in the year, but Kareem's cancer prevented him from joining the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff.

Here's what the Memphis Commercial Appeal had to say:

It is believed, too, that the Griz might talk to Mutombo about working as a paid consultant in the offseason. Mutombo will spend a lot of time coaching Thabeet in the summer if the Griz have their way.

Mutombo's shot-blocking and rebounding is probably a better fit for Thabeet then Kareem's skyhook anyhow. Hopefully the finger-wag rubs off on Thabeet, too.