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O.J. Mayo to Finally Move to Point Guard?

Throughout his entire well-publicized high school career, O.J. Mayo played the point guard position. But when Mayo arrived at USC, his coaches slotted him at the shooting guard position. When the Grizzlies traded up to get Mayo, many assumed he would replace the slumping Mike Conley as the starting point.

But O.J. remained a shooting guard for his rookie and sophomore seasons, pouring in points with his outside shot and rarely running the offense. The problem, however, is that Mayo is often considered too small for the shooting guard position, unable to guard stars like Brandon Roy, Joe Johnson, or Kobe Bryant.

Apparently Mayo might be making the switch this summer.

The Grizzlies have invited O.J. to play in summer league ball this year, which is uncommon for an accomplished third year player. Their rationale is that Mayo can use the low-pressure scenario to learn how to run the offense from the point guard position and will have confidence going into the season.

While it's not likely that Mayo will replace Conley in the starting lineup next season, this is definitely a situation worth keeping an eye on as summer league rolls around.