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GameThread: Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic

If Hasheem Thabeet's going to step up and have a statement game, tonight would be the night to do it. With Marc Gasol out, Thabeet will be facing off against Dwight Howard and the Magic.

The Magic are a tough matchup for the Grizzlies - even though the Grizz won earlier this year - because their defense smothers the paint so well. Even though the Grizz beat the Hornets from outside last game, obviously Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay prefer to get their 20's inside. But Dwight Howard's presence alone blocks about half those layups, and Memphis's oftentimes shaky passing will only fuel the Magic's break.

To win this one the bench is going to have to step up again, because I wouldn't be surprised to see the Magic put up 105 or more. Without lots of scoring options, including Sam Young and Darrell Arthur, the Grizz will end up befuddled by the Magic's subtly overpowering defense and 3 point advantage.